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About us

The MSc & MPhE dual degrees programme in International Sports Coaching Science combines the methodology and content of the Asian and European approach in coach education. The purpose of the Degree programme is to identify those elements, which are useful in the European model, and its combination with  adaptation into the Asian circumstance, that may enrich the quality of the coach education in Asia. The European and Asian conceptual thinking in coach education can be efficiently merged and embedded into a new aspect of coach education. 

The University of Physical Education Budapest (TE/TF), with 89 years of history, the University is approved as an institution of higher education located in Budapest, the largest, most comprehensive and the oldest centre for education and training of sport and physical activity in Hungary. There have been more than 180 Olympic medals produced from TF. The 6 levels of sport education (from certificate level to PhD, European Qualification Framework (EQF levels 3-8) offered in all possible fields: PE teacher, adapted PE teacher, health teacher, health promoter, coaching, sport management, recreation, as well as human kinesiology. All summer Olympic and non-Olympic sports over 50 are listed in the educational programme. On a national level, the University has a sports policy forming role in close cooperation with all stakeholders of sport/physical activity. The University has international co-operations with 39 partner institutions worldwide. The University launched the major study programmes via e-learning as well in recent years, whereby the coaching profile is strongly emphasised. In this dual degrees programme, senior lecturers will come to NTSU campus to join the teaching faculty. (Powerpoint presentation about TE)

The National Taiwan Sport University (NTSU), establish in 1984, is the leading institution of higher education in sports located in Taoyuan City in Taiwan. The University consists of four colleges, including College of Athletics, College of Physical Education, College of Exercise and Health Science and College of Management. This joint degree programme will be executed in the College of Athletics. The College of Athletics provides the best postgraduate courses in coaching science and professional training opportunity in Taiwan. The University also has good connections with sports universities and sports organisations in Asia via various students and faculty members exchange programmes, the faculty members in the University are familiar with Asian culture and current situation of sports industry in Asia. All students enrolled in this joint degree programme will have opportunity to be involved in the university professional teams, some of them have been successful in Olympic Games or Asian Games or major grand prix, such as Taewando, Archery, Judo, Gymnastics, Athletics, Baseball, Badminton, Table Tennis, Tennis, Shooting, Weight Lift, Wushu.